Management of Logistic Services

In order to supply the necessities of the event, all kinds of needed products, services, and the information related with them should be used in an effective, efficient, and flexible manner from the beginning to the end of the event. Besides that, the logistic services should be very well planned and managed for making the event reach its aims. In order to reduce the potential risks to minimum, ANS INCENTIVE & CONGRESS prefers to continue working with the suppliers it has been working with since long years, apart from its own logistic means.

* Scene designs and applications                                                               
* Registration desk, guidance designs and applications                               
* Premiere and party settings and applications                                             
* Host and hostess services                                                                     
* Designs and applications of necessary materials                                        
* Organization of regional day-trips and activities                                        
* Transportation and transfer services                                                      
* Audiovisual system applications
* Simultaneous system applications
* Translation / Deciphering services
* Motivation events
* Invitation of performers and show groups
* Catering services
* Data processing services
* Supply of promotional products