ANS INCENTIVE CONGRESS & TRAVEL, having a wide expertise in organizing congresses, seminars, in-service training sessions, meetings, and protocol events, acts as your solution partner and team mate responding your requirements in the best way with its professional service mentality, and managing the time and cost in your favor.  Giving an absolute priority to ensure high quality and customer satisfaction,  ANS INCENTIVE CONGRESS & TRAVEL has achieved to catch the world standards as regards to the organization quality.

ANS INCENTIVE CONGRESS & TRAVEL has successfully completed its 21st year in the industry of meeting planning, and it has created significant levels of national and international added value through its activities like marketing, promotion, and lobbying.  

When organizing your congresses, seminars, in-service training sessions, and meetings, we produce solutions by providing all the services from A to Z under a single roof, and thus by enabling our customers to receive our products or services at every location they would need.

When we undertake to plan an event, we produce solutions and offer recommendations to our customers after making a thorough examination of all the details, and combining them with a creative perspective by using all the effective relevant techniques.  In that way, we contribute to the changing of our customers rapidly and in the right direction, with minimum time and cost.